4 Easy Ways to Fix Car Doors Dented

Fixing a car door is actually done in many ways. Such as bring to the workshop specialist paint and body repair. All depends on the level of difficulty, and how severe the plunge on the door of the car. But you can also do it yourself to fix a car gateway or visit the Auto Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Of course all that done for the door on the body of your car can be smooth again. Notice the following steps:

Hot water

This method is so one technique to fix the door of the car the easiest. You do not have to bother and that needs to be prepared only hot water only. You can prepare the hot water into a water jug ​​container so that the process of repairing the dents on the car becomes easier. Use a cloth or cloth that can deliver good heat to put pressure on the car body. You can press it slowly to get it back to normal.

Rubber hammer

The next way to fix the door pentok car arguably easy and not complicated. You just need to prepare a tool, a rubber hammer. The way you can gently tap on the inner part of the inside.


The last way you can do to fix the door pentok car can use a vacuum. You can find them for sale in a minimarket or auto parts store or at Car Window Tint in Fort Lauderdale Florida and equipment. You can do it first prepare the vacuum, then how it works vakup by sucking the basin on the car body until it lifted back to its original position.

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Last Modified: March 14, 2018

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