While the cigarette lighter in your dashboard may not serve the essential role that it did when your parents or grandparents were tootling down the road decades ago, it stays an essential component of your car’s accessories.  However, today instead of lighting a butt it serves to see that your key electronic components are charged and ready for action when needed.

Maintaining the battery in your smart phone or computer tablet has become an important function.  If you use GPS and computer-assisted mapping as a tool to find  your destination, then ensuring that your smart phone or tablet is fully charged can be almost as important as having your car tires properly inflated.  Yet we often fail to make certain that these parts and their accessories are kept in working order.

While a charger may seem to be a simplistic piece of equipment that requires little or no maintenance, like any tool it can eventually wear out from overuse or abuse.  When the insulation material cracks or wears the wires conducting power to charge your phone or tablet battery may lie exposed to the open air.  And that can be the first step towards a serious problem.  If exposed wires come into contact with a flammable substance or one that melts then you might find yourself driving along smelling burning rubber not from your car tires, but from the material touched by your charger cable.  Driving while listening to your GPS directions can suddenly turn into an emergency escape from a burning vehicle resulting from using a worn or outmoded charger cable.

Fortunately, new charger cables for electronic equipment are readily available at reasonable prices.  On Groupon you can find charger cables, stands and equipment for every make of smartphone for prices that rarely exceed $20.  And that is a small sum to pay compared to the expense that can result from not being protected against internal vehicle fires or damage.  And you can also take this occasion to obtain the accessories you need to ensure that your smart phone is properly protected using one of the many different style smart phone cases designed for either the Samsung Galaxy 6 or other smart phones.  Other accessories include a protective cover for your smart phone screen, a wallet case for your smart phone, and various styles of ear buds and microphones.  All these and other smart phone accessories are available on the Groupon electronics list.  These items can assist in assuring that your phone not only gives you the best performance but that it also works fully in synch with your vehicle.