When you go online to “find headlights for my car,” be aware that there is a selection that exists that improves the headlights’ visibility, replaces headlight bulbs, and you can also buy new LED fog lights to see everything that suddenly appears in front of you.

Visibility and safety are very important, and LED auto headlight replacement bulbs are among the latest revolutions in modern headlight technology that make you able to drive confidently in any situation that presents itself.

LED headlight bulbs deliver outstanding visibility due to their high-quality ETI Flip Chips and optimized reflective optics. Add to that the fact that they offer hassle-free installation and no requirement for relay harnesses or complicated wiring.

Here are some examples:

SILVER LED Headlights
This conversion kit is the best one to replace HID and halogen at the most affordable price. Equipped with heat dissipation and excellent illumination, each bulb stays cool to the touch even after being continuously used for hours.

GOLDPRO LED Headlights
This conversion kit provides unmatched performance to HID and halogen replacement, is armed with projector ready, uses best-in-class chips, and has excellent heat dissipation.

GOLDPRO150 LED Headlights
For H/L BEAM ONLY LED headlights, this conversion kit provides unmatched performance to HID and halogen replacement, is also projector ready, uses best-in-class chips, excellent heat dissipation, and has an instant H/L Beam Switch.

This conversion kit features a 360° light emitting range, replaces HID and halogen and HID at the most affordable price, and is equipped with heat dissipation and upgraded illumination.

This is an especially designed conversion kit that outperforms standard LED headlights with a unique three-sided design and a 360° light emitting range. It also brings unmatched performance, has best-in-class chips, and the exclusive heat dissipation.

Dark Night S LED Projector
This complete projector retrofit kit includes all of the needed components to convert your headlights to a projector-based lighting system for unbeatable performance at night.

VehiCode is a start-up company founded in the United States with manufacturing of the auto headlight replacement bulbs by their own China-based factory. There is consistent developing and testing, and each product’s quality is strictly regulated. VehiCode’s mission is to deliver high-quality products at fair prices and to stay on the cutting edge of lighting technology. They also carry tail, break, turn and parking signal lights that are bright and work very well.

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