No matter how often we visit Jogja, it feels like a never bored. Those who had lived in Jogja was undoubtedly will always be missed by Jogja that looks simple but special

For those who have not been to Jogja certainly can not feel how it feels to miss Jogja. They can only imagine the beauty of Jogja on friends and relatives who’ve streets to Yogyakarta. And it certainly envy

In addition to offering a friendly atmosphere, Yogyakarta also has places of interest is the reason why you should as soon as possible traveling to Yogyakarta. Talking about places of interest in Jogja never-ending because this area has thousands of points of interest. However, there are at least five places that could represent places in Yogyakarta if the estimate of your vacation in a few days. For travel guides, you can see in yogyakarta indonesia.

Here are five such places.

  1. Tugu Jogja

Tugu Jogja is the first place you go when obliged to set foot in Yogyakarta for the first time. This place is actually normal, but it is the icon of the city of Yogyakarta so it is obligatory to visit. Especially for you who like selfie in social media, Tugu Jogja is the most fitting place

Tugu Jogja is like building the monument usual. Its location is in the middle of an intersection. During the day the atmosphere around this monument does look ordinary, but as evening approached, many tourists who take pictures there. So, you do not want to miss

  1. Malioboro

I do not know how many thousands or millions of people who recommended this place as one tourist destination in Jogja. In fact this place has become one of the very attractive tourist spot in Yogyakarta. In Malioboro, we’re not just going to be tourists, but also the citizens of Yogyakarta

Malioboro is one of the best places in Indonesia for you who likes walking. Along Malioboro street you will find lots of shophouses that sell a variety of merchandise ranging from culinary, trinkets, T-shirts themed Jogja as well as a variety of other interesting things Jogja original work. The street musician is a lot of action along Jl Malioboro also enliven the atmosphere. End trip by lounging in Zone Zero that often brings a festive atmosphere

  1. Kraton Jogja

Holiday trip to Yogyakarta would be very incomplete if you do not visit what is the identity of Jogja. Yep, the Sultan. This place is one place that must be visited during a trip to Yogyakarta. If you physically strong enough, you can walk from Malioboro Kraton through the square. Location Kraton Jogja is a straight line with Jl. Malioboro

Attractions that can be visited at the Palace is a museum and pavilion. At the pavilion of the palace, Javanese atmosphere is felt with the building of houses joglo. While at the museum, we can see a collection of objects relating to Kasunanan and Javanese culture in general. Here you can learn the history of the palace at the same time as well as Javanese culture

  1. Vredeburg Castle

Other attractions in Jogja that you can visit that are located close to Malioboro is Vredeburg. This place name may also have been often you hear. With its distinctive whitewashed buildings, Vredeburg as a witness of the historical events that occurred in the past. Visiting this place you will not only get a travel experience, but also feel a strong history

As in the Palace, in Vredeburg also include a museum and diorama space. Museum and diorama that are here to tell about the history of the Indonesian nation. As we know, the privilege of Yogyakarta was never separated from the history of the struggle of the Indonesian nation in the past

  1. Prambanan Temple

Malioboro time to move from the area and shifted to the north. There, there is a building which is another icon of Yogyakarta: Prambanan. From time to time, Prambanan never escape the attention of the tourists visiting Yogyakarta. Prambanan is a Hindu temple patterned largest in Southeast Asia. The series of giant-sized temple will be encountered in the Prambanan temple complex

There are several temples sized can see in Prambanan like Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma (also known as the Trimurti). The third main temple is equipped with some accompanying temple Prambanan complex all making becomes more interesting and intriguing anyone who has never visited