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Summary: An aircraft’s electrical system and battery requires a durable and well-constructed GPU to function properly.

We all understand the importance of purchasing quality product. Essentially, “you get what you pay for” right? When it comes to aviation maintenance, it’s crucial that you analyze the market and make the right purchase with a trusted manufacturer. Failure to do so could result in serious damage to the onboard electronics and even the engine.

Detrimental Effects

The operation of complex avionics and electrical equipment by poorly regulated 24 volt power supply units risks severe damage. Now, we’re not just talking about easily replaceable parts but costly damage that can ruin the entire onboard electronic system.

The portable GPU, or portable battery pack, is designed to be a practical and inexpensive alternative for aviation experts to act as battery chargers, start carts, and other transformer-based power systems. Since they act cohesively with the engine startup sequence, your best bet would be to purchase a quality design that can handle the sophisticated complexities of the startup sequence as opposed to a cheap, noisy power source alternative. The dire consequences of using a cheaply-made power unit can be devastating and could require one to have to reinvest thousands of dollars just to bring it back to its previous condition.

The Bottom Line

It’s absolutely necessary to find a lithium ion starting unit, or any other type of GPU, that’s built with quality and reliability in mind. These factors are undoubtedly important and play a crucial role in your plane’s startup sequence.

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Last Modified: March 24, 2017

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