Whenever you drive a supercar, you can’t help but feel that the car is somewhat more fragile than an ordinary car. Supercars are designed with have high performance in mind and to be mind-blowingly exciting to drive. Unfortunately, most of them are not designed for reliability, simply because they are not meant for extensive daily usage.

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Today, however, some supercars have solid reliability track records, can be purchased for a reasonable amount of money and are relatively easy to maintain with a plethora of aftermarket, performance and OEM parts available. Here are a few automobiles you should look into if you want an ‘affordable’ sports car you can drive daily.

Porsche Cayman GT4

Porsche is definitely among the best automakers to look at if you’re looking for a daily drive, with exhilarating performance. Every iteration of the Porsche Boxster is both affordable and reliable; reliable enough that you can use it everyday as your main car. The Cayman is simply Boxster’s hard-top brother, and the GT4 is a particularly special Porsche Cayman to own.

For starters, you get the same engine parts you get in the Porsche Carrera S, equipped with a 3.8-litre V8. That’s one capable engine indeed, especially since the Carrera S is one of Porsche’s flagships as well as the automaker’s performance benchmark. The GT4 is also easy to maintain since Porsche OEM parts and service centers are available everywhere.

You don’t have to trade convenience for speed with the Cayman GT4. You still get plenty of room for passengers and carry-ons, along with luxurious accessories and in-car amenities that will help keep your journeys pleasant and enjoyable. And of course, when you do put your foot down, you’ll get that head-to-the-head-rest sensation in an instant. You might think you’d be daunted by this Cayman GT4 with the huge rear wing, all the cutting-edge electronics and powerful Porsche performance parts, but you are not. Once you climb inside you’ll instantly feel like you know what you’re doing. Oftentimes in supercars you see unique configurations and manufacturing of their auto parts and systems. Trick clutches, unique starting techniques, difficult driving controls and little visibility. The Porsche Cayman GT4 has none of these challenges and is built with tried-and-tested performance parts which are widely-available online at stores like eEuroparts.com.

Alfa Romeo 4C

If you’re a fan of Top Gear (the old one, with Clarkson and the boys) then you’re familiar with the saying, “you can’t be a true petrol head if you’ve never owned an Alfa.”

The Alfa Romeo 4C is the perfect first Alfa to own. It is amazingly beautiful from every angle and you only need to drive one once to fall in love. It may not be a supercar due to its smaller engine, but it is a super car for sure.

The car is made of carbon fiber parts inside and out. That means it is light and nimble; this explains the lack of power steering. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, because you get live feedback from the road. Driving the Alfa Romeo 4C is a truly unique experience that you will certainly enjoy. It’s a guaranteed future classic.

Mazda MX-5

Last but certainly not least, we have the Mazda MX-5. Again, this may not be the supercar of your dreams, but it is a sports car that is absolutely lovely to drive. This automobile has long been known as a driver’s car, one that lets you have tons of fun on your own and be home just in time to take the kids out for a joyride.

It is small and agile, plus it’s very economical to own since it’s not a gas hog and replacement parts are inexpensive overall. If the previous two automobiles we’ve covered are still out of your budget, this sports car is definitely worth a look.

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Last Modified: March 27, 2017

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