Trying to buy a supercar isn’t like your typical dealership experience, where you can easily and readily find used cars that fit the exact make and model you’re looking to buy. Instead, you need to scour a supercar price guide to find what you want, and even then it may not be for sale in your country. Here are some thoughts on places you can go to find supercars for sale.


DuPont Registry is basically the Kelly Blue Book of Supercars. There are many guides like it, and some services that will actively track down a specific make or model for you. Some will tell you which countries the car is located in, and may provide information to help you track down the seller.


Scouring car forums, and talking to people who visit them is another excellent way to find used cars for sale. You can also get first hand information on supercar prices, talking to people who are actively shopping or have recently purchased them. It’s also helpful to learn more about ownership, as supercars aren’t like most other vehicles.

Other Countries

Supercars are manufactured all over the world, even in some countries you think wouldn’t be known for building them. Try researching online to see which countries tend to sell the cars you want.

Final Advice

It helps to avoid marrying yourself to any one make or model, as that will quickly lead to disappointment. Have an idea of the type of car you want, so you know where and how to start your search. Then, you can work on the details.

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